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I’m burnt out on podcasts and need something else to watch while cooking, so I figured I’d ask you all for your favorite CS videos. Here are a few of mine:


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    Deliberate Git by Stephen Ball, recorded at Steel City Ruby 2013. To this day, I have my team sit down together and rewatch it every time we onboard someone new. It’s a fantastic level-set of commit message etiquette and purpose plus an overview of history tools.

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      I got more from Steve Smith’s talk - Knowledge is Power: Getting out of trouble by understanding Git than any other git video I’ve ever seen,

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        You got most of what I was going to post!

        Mike Acton’s talk about Data Oriented Design has so much great stuff on how to approach development generally (despite being a CppCon talk). It is probably the single talk that had the biggest impact on me as a developer, wish he gave it a decade earlier.

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        A humorous one is Wat.

        I also like to watch videos from GDC. Those aren’t often CS related, but do cover a wide variety of interesting topics in video games, from animation to AI. I’ll have to come back and compile a list of favorites later.

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          Here’s my list from my saved folder - mostly code, a little game design, and I’ve edited out the career/entrepreneurship stuff:

          • 2290-larubyconf2013-refactoring-fat-models-with-patterns-large
          • Benjamin C. Pierce - A Deep Specification for Dropbox
          • Ben Orenstein - Refactoring From Good to Great
          • Bret Victor - Media for Thinking the Unthinkable
          • Brian Cantrell - Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of illumos
          • Brian Will - Object-Oriented Programming is Bad
          • Cybersecurity as Realpolitik by Dan Geer presented at Black Hat USA 2014
          • Evan Czaplicki - Let’s be mainstream! User focused design in Elm
          • Everything you need to know about cryptography in 1 hour - Colin Percival
          • Gary Bernhardt - Boundaries (RubyConf 2012)
          • Gary Bernhardt - Boundaries (SCNA 2012)
          • Gary Bernhardt - Capability vs. Suitability - Mountain West Ruby Conference
          • Gary Bernhardt - Deconstructing the Framework (Baruco 2012)
          • Gary Bernhardt - Fast Test, Slow Test
          • Gary Bernhardt - TDD and Unit Tests (Seattle SC Meetup Feb 2012)
          • Gary Bernhardt - Testing Units - PyCon 2013
          • Gary Bernhardt - The Birth and Death of JavaScript
          • Gary Bernhardt - Those Who Forget The Past
          • GoGaRuCo 2014- Refactoring Ruby with Monads
          • Greg Wilson - What We Actually Know About Software Development
          • J.B. Rainsberger - Integration Tests Are a Scam
          • John Hughes - Why Functional Programming Matters
          • Jonathan Blow - F2P
          • Justin Searls - How to Stop Hating Your Tests
          • Justin Searls - The Social Coding Contract
          • Katrina Owen - 467 tests, 0 failures, 0 confidence (Railsberry 2013)
          • Leslie Lamport - Thinking Above the Code
          • Mark Lentczner - Haskell Amuse-Bouche
          • Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho - Juice It or Lose It
          • Mike Action - Data-Oriented Design and C++ - CppCon 2014
          • Misko Hevery - Don’t Look For Things
          • Misko Hevery - Unit Testing
          • Peter Bhat Harkins - Lessons of Liskov - wroc_love.rb 2016
          • Peter Harkins - What Comes After MVC - RailsConf 2015
          • Richard Stallman - Free Software - TEDx Geneva 2014
          • Rich Hickey - The Value of Values
          • Sandi Metz - Go Ahead Make a Mess
          • Sandi Metz - Grit and Determination
          • Sandi Metz - Nothing is Something - RailsConf 2015
          • Sandi Metz - The Magic Tricks of Testing (Rails Conf 2013)
          • Scott Wlaschin - Domain modelling with the F# type system
          • Simon Peyton-Jones - Escape From the Ivory Tower - The Haskell Journey, From 1990 to 2011
          • Tim Ewald - Programming with Hand Tools
          • You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky
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            Peter Bhat Harkins - Lessons of Liskov - wroc_love.rb 2016

            Peter Harkins - What Comes After MVC - RailsConf 2015



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              Hey, hey, how’d that jackass sneak in there?

              (This list got a quick :%s/\.[^\.]*// and skim for business talks, I didn’t notice. Hope they’re not too out-of-place.)

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              Man, you were ready for this thread!

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                Yep. It came up in elsewhere about a month ago, so I’d already cleaned up ls into a markdown list.

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                I’d love to take a peek at that career/entrepreneurship stuff if you’d be willing to share :-)

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                3Blue1Brown, his mathematics explanations and visualizations (made with Blender btw) are fantastic.

                Two highlights:

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                  The essence of linear algebra video series of this YouTube channel was already mentioned in the comments.

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                    I’ve recently discovered The essence of linear algebra, and I have been recommending it to everyone I know, so I guess this is an adequate opportunity to share this, again. Not strictly CS, but since I’ve been having a bit of a struggle with Linear Algebra at university, due to my inability to “understand” it in any deeper sense than just memorising formulas, finding this has been very refreshing.

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                      Everything, well the C++ and programming videos, by Bisqwit.

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                            That Pannencoek video is impressive. I know games are broken, and I understand how the LoZ: OoT record got reduced to what it is now by glitches and clever manipulation of hitboxes, map loading techniques etc. But that Pannencoek stuff is on another level. He had to sit there, and plan it, and try it, and rinse and repeat, until it worked, and then he can claim a “0.5x A presses” run. Crazy shit. lol

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                              Not strictly programming but I like Jason Scott’s talks.

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                                Kind of old, but I keep watching them again and again. Mainly because they tend to cheer me up on, you know, those days were you wish you’d become a carpenter or something decent.

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                                  James Mickens has a bunch of hilarious talks.

                                  Eric Meyer’s Designing for Crisis was an interesting view of how cognition and UI interact.

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                                    My favourite CS video is this one. The team Natus Vincere managed to dominate in this match from beginning to end, something rarely seen in high-level-matches like this.

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                                        A talk that I haven’t seen mentioned here yet, that I really enjoyed: Creativity in Management – John Cleese

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                                          I love talks by Maciej Ceglowski, the guy behind Pinboard. If I were to single out a few:

                                          All talks have full transcripts if you’re not into video and video links are at the top if that’s your cup of tea.

                                          Here’s the full list: http://www.idlewords.com/talks/

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                                            A video that really resonated with me is Greg Young’s The Art of Destroying Software. It’s a refreshing talk because it’s just that—a talk (no slides) about software development.

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                                              Almost every talk from Bryan Cantrill, Stuart Halloway and Gary Bernhardt.

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                                                Cantrill recently posted a list of all his talks. Don’t know if you saw that post.


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                                                  I did indeed, but thanks anyway! Only thing missing over there is BSDNow podcast appearances, which I think are pretty good, especially first one, “Ubuntu slaughters kittens”.

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                                                rob pike makes really good vids

                                                i like his one on concurrency is not parallelism

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                                                  I really enjoyed these Rich Hickeys talks, as well as Clojure, Made Simple. I find these talks really resonate with my experience working on large projects, and do a great job articulating typical pain points in software development as well as outlining ways of addressing them.

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