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    I treat my infrastructure as cattle instead of pets

    As anyone who’s ever been on a farm can tell you, cattle is expensive and when a cow gets sick you call a veterinarian. When a cow sneezes, you don’t shoot it in the head and buy another.

    Any accurate real world analog to “killing a misbehaving process/container/vm and spinning up a new one” would sound like a distopian hellscape.

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      You’re not the first person I’ve seen calling this out. I’ve preferred the analogy of “hot dog carts vs restaurants” although it still has its plotholes, too.

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        Is this all you took away from the article?

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        I’m happy the tech stack is working for the author, but in my experience that tech stack has way too many components for my one-man projects. Especially the devops pieces. I’ve given up on using AWS in my own projects, even though I’m experienced with AWS and write CloudFormation configs regularly, it’s just not worth it. So much easier to just deploy to a vanilla Linux server, using a Makefile for automation. I stopped using Docker for similar reasons. I do like GitHub Actions.

        To each his own. My hypothesis is that the complexity of a lot of tech stacks today hurts more than helps.

        I’ll complain about Django some other time.

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          How many pieces would typically go into one of these deployments? Db, web processes, message bus…? What do you use for monitoring and crash recovery and such? (Just curious :) )

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          Unfortunately, I had reliability issues with DigitalOcean’s Kubernetes offering, even on larger instances.

          How have other people found DigitalOcean’s Kubernetes offering? I was looking at trying it out soon for a project.

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            I’ve found it’s a really great way to waste money. I recently moved off of DigitalOcean Kubernetes to a dedicated server running NixOS and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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              I’ve found it’s a really great way to waste money.

              Just to be clear: that’s Kubernetes in general, and not DigitalOcean’s offering in specific?

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              I used it for a couple of months last year and it was working fine, a patch for the load balancer was required however and I could only find this information buried in a forum post. I hope they fixed this by now but I don’t know

              Didn’t have any issues with their API or cluster upgrades. Went for a self hosted solution using Rancher for now, but mostly for cost reasons.