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    I know I’ve been giving proper attribution for all my code uses. It’s just a URL. Aside from attribution it usually requires a link anyway because if I’m looking at stackoverflow it is either because the problem was tricky or unintuitive, so it really needed backing evidence/validation anyway, that’s just good coding practice.

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      I don’t get it. If they just wanted MIT license with attribution, why not go with 3-clause BSD instead?

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        If StackOverflow is going to demand attribution for people referencing answers, are they going to be equally strict with those providing them? I don’t imagine so.

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          Challenge: build a piece of software (or webpage or anything) using only Stack Overflow answers. The biggest attributions to LOC ratio wins. In case of a tie, the higher amount of attributions wins.

          (Bonus point if you generate it automatically. Bonus is doubled if the generator only consists of Stack Overflow answers.)