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    Some good tips, though I have learned to be wary of relying on proprietary products for this. I can’t count the number of times I’ve realized that a privacy policy was abusive, or a company got bought by a larger corporation with a worse privacy policy, or a product was shut down… causing me to delete or migrate everything to some new service.

    Don’t get me wrong, occasionally using cloud products is fine. But if I’m going to dump my brain into something and depend on it throughout the day, I want to either (a) have complete control over it, or (b) have an easy exit plan that allows me to migrate to something else with minimal effort. Oh, and I guess (c) it should work without an Internet connection.

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      Yep, fully agree: siloing, poor offline support – also reasons I’m avoiding proprietary products as much as I can. Personally I’m a heavy org-mode user :)

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      For taking notes I’ve started using the “desktop wiki” zim and found it to be good enough.