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    Awesome effort again by the Guix team! At the last Reproducible Builds Summit I learned more about the bootstrappable builds projects and hope in the future to at least be able to bootstrap some compiler/utilities on Arch Linux.

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      Is arch interested in reproducible builds, per se? I remember reading that the build process of pacman packages isn’t as isolated and deterministic as debian or guix/nix, or what that just a rumour.

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        Sounds like a rumour :) We are actively working on reproducible builds and have been part of the reproducible builds community for a few years, in the summit 2 years ago we had 4 Arch team members who attended.

        Our builds are isolated as they are done in a chroot which only installs the packaged required for building as this is a requirement for reproducible builds.

        Check out our progress on the following links: https://reproducible.archlinux.org/ https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Reproducible_Builds

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      There’s more progress on the way:

      Our next target will be a third reduction by ~50%; the Full-Source bootstrap will replace the MesCC-Tools and GNU Mes binaries by Stage0 and M2-Planet.

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        I really can’t wait for Guix to support ppc64le architecture so I can run it on my Talos server.

        At the moment I’m trying to get Guix working in a chroot with user-mode qemu amd64 emulation, but there are lots of hurdles to overcome. The Debian ppc64le kernel uses 64k pages whereas amd64 uses 4k pages, and qemu is not happy about that. At the moment I’m fiddling with Gentoo since it seems easier to customize the kernel than on Debian. The more I wade through these manual steps, the more I desire declarative reproducible builds.