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    PlantUML has been one of my ‘not-so-secret’ weapons over the last couple years at $JOB. It fills the niche previously held by Graphviz (I need WYSIWYM, but for diagrams!).

    Unfortunately, the official documentation is almost impossible to navigate (even worse then the Graphviz documentation), this is great!

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      I mostly replaced Graphviz with TikZ, which is probably a sign that I’m a broken human being.

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        My boss at $JOB wrote a plugin for jekyll which translates plantuml to svgs for the web. What’s generated (mostly for sequence diagrams) is loads better than any diagrams I could come up with, and far easier to edit.

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        Whoah, I never knew there’s a “standard library” of icons for PlantUML! TIL, good to know.

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          Are there any good published themes out there for sequence and action diagrams that make PlantUML output look…not ugly? I know there are tons of knobs to turn but I’m not a visual designer. I just want to replace dragging-and-dropping in LucidChart with some compact code, without having it look like I used a 90s drawing program. The article hints at theming but I didn’t see anything specific.

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            Someone mentioned looking at


            in the hackernews comments: