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    Well this is depressing, I was just about to make an app with SwiftUI. The fact that it ships with the OS (even on Mac?) makes it seem like a no-go :(

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      Thanks for posting this. I wrote a toy app for MacOS in SwiftUI a while back and was put off by many things that were missing. This years update has answers for most (if not all) of my problems, but it’s disheartening to see that their are bugs and performance issues.

      I will hold out hope for these getting fixed before the final release as I find writing SwiftUI apps a much better experience than UIKit/AppKit. Here’s to hoping!

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        What/How do you find it better?

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          Off the top of my head:

          • Mac support for SF icons
          • Keyboard shortcut support with .keyboardShortcut(_:)
          • I believe their is now toolbar support for MacOS (althouh I haven’t tested)
          • Better support for grids + the new OutlineGroup for non-flat data structures.