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    I visited Shenzhen for a week last year to get an initial feel for the place.

    The video is a little misleading. There are several other hardware incubators there, as well as a slew of makerspaces. I ended up on a couple WeChat groups with several hundred people exchanging day-to-day progress, asking/getting advice, etc..

    The vibe was quite exciting!

    Edit: I want to be more helpful. Here are a few places:

    • Dangerous Prototypes hosts (or used to host?) a Hacker Camp in Shenzhen. Actually, someone should troll their blog for old posts. There’s a lot of good stuff in there…
    • 柴火, Litchee Lab are both makerspaces. There’s so many hackerspaces and makerspaces there, it would be kind of ridiculous to make a list…
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        The title is disappointing given Silicon Valley’s origins, and why it’s called Silicon Valley to begin with. It’s like when I met a Dutch guy who said he was from Haarlem, “you know, like Harlem but with an extra a.”

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          This was submitted here but was the wired link not the youtube channel - could this be merged

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            My bad. I’ve got it from Bunnie’s blog and when I’ve tried to search whether it was posted before, I used schenzen instead of shenzhen. Whops.

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              I nearly posted the YouTube link - maybe I should have done that so that search can find it.

              Hopefully a sysops could merge the two :~)