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Describes the architecture at a pretty low/concrete level, but just above the code level.


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    I really like these sharp pixel diagrams, I wonder what tool was used to create them. The first one with the flow chart even has a gap for the intersecting path, it’s a great attention to detail.

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      Looks like they’re made using Graphviz maybe.

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      Microui is a tiny immediate mode UI library written in portable ANSI C

      With “immediate mode” as a link. I didn’t know what it meant, so I clicked it.

      The link takes me to what appears to be a low quality youtube video.

      Please don’t do this.

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        That low-quality video is the origin of the notion of “immediate mode UI”, I think.

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          The video’s maker has written a blog post that says the same thing, indeed. (I presume that you know this; I’m just adding the link here directly.)