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      Sexxxy features:

      • A performant systems programming language that feels like a scripting language.
      • Aims to combine the expressiveness of Scheme with the convenience of Python, Lua or Javascript and the performance of C. …
      • Compile-time resource management using view propagation, an annotation-free variation of borrow checking.
      • Fully interoperable with C libraries. Import and use C include files directly. …
      • Statically typed but fully inferred type system via forward propagation. Supports closures as zero-cost abstraction.

      Very tempted to download and explore … in other words, running a Scopes Trial 🙈

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        Boooooo and/or bravo.

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        Scopes Trial


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      A tab or four spaces must start each indented line within the block

      I think this is a mistake. Having multiple ways to indicate indentation leads to fragmentation. Python has already burned from this. I’d suggest leaving only one of them, my favorite is tab, simply for the fact that it’s easier to customize it’s width.

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        There’s so much more here, https://scopes.readthedocs.io/en/latest/dataformat/ and you picked the tab vs space war.

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          The notation itself is fairly workable for people that have experience in significant whitespace IMO. I don’t think there’s anything particularly great about it, but there’s nothing really bad about it either. I’m just sad that they didn’t avoid this massive footgun that other projects already experienced.

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      Has anyone managed to install this in Termux? I find the language exciting and would like to try it out.