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    And the manager who told him to do it was sentenced to…?

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      The article doesn’t say so, but arguably he was the most directly responsible manager. The article just calls him an “engineer”, but that’s a bit misleading; his title was Leader of Diesel Competence, and he was head of the unit responsible for the implementation. Though definitely people higher up in management were also responsible.

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        U.S. prosecutors have charged eight current and former Volkswagen executives in connection with the diesel emissions cheating probe. Liang is one of the lowest-ranking executives charged so far.

        This is just one of the first to reach a verdict.

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        This guy was sentenced for PR purposes, to give the masses the idea that corporate “wrongdoing” results in someone getting punished for it.

        But for example, not a single one of the crooks on Wall Street has done any time. The way the masses are trained to think the so-called justice system works is different from how it actually does.

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          Textbook definition of scapegoat.