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    Tangent: I wish the Amulet project would have gotten more momentum to keep going as a compile-to-Lua option. LunarML seems to still be chipping away though.

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      The link doesn’t explain how the project is different from MoonScript, which also compiles to Lua, or in what way it’s a “dialect”. Does anyone know?

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        Past the “import” statement, the “An Overview of YueScript” (the first sub-section of the Introduction) shows new language additions. I compared them recently on my microblog entry “Yuescript first impressions”:

        I just discovered Yuescript, which is like MoonScript with more features. I have mixed feelings.

        I like features like pipelines (much cleaner than repeated assignment or nested parentheses in function calls) and compile-time macros. The sugar for multiple and destructuring assignment is handy.

        I find the additional operators unnecessary, and not worth their cognitive overhead. The ? operator was already used as sugar for a parameter-free function call. The [] operator could easily have been a function in a library instead.

        One of the trade-offs for this much syntactic sugar is some syntactic ambiguity. An opinionated formatter could resolve some of this.