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    Great stuff! Glad to see the crossword tool Phil on there, I worked on it with Keiran during our batch.

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      One more I want to call out: Emily Xie ran a p5.js workshop at Strange Loop! I went and it was amazing.

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        There are a lot of great blog posts written by ‘recursers’. Those posts are usually spread out on different blogs though. Does anyone know if they are aggregated somewhere?

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          There’s an internal tool that we (recursers) use that aggregates them, but unfortunately it’s not public. Perhaps someday someone will write a public view for it. (hint hint to current recursers)

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            FYI, other projects call this their planet. See http://planet.mozilla.org/ or http://planet.debian.org/ or http://planet.ubuntu.com/

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              Thanks, that’s a cool term I hadn’t heard before.

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              I’d really like this.

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              I was just thinking today that a huge benefit of doing Recurse Center was exposure to so many great blogs/bloggers I otherwise wouldn’t have encountered.

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              The group theory coloring book looks interesting!