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    I’ve been running opensmtpd on my mail server, nice to see OpenBSD finally fully switch over.

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      Agreed. I use opensmtpd as a nullmailer in FreeBSD too. Works great!

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      Other big changes due in 5.6 and 5.7 surrounding SMTP, DNS, and HTTP servers:


      (scroll down to “Advanced notice: Big changes coming for future releases!”)

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        I’d be interested in reading more about this change:
        “BIND (named) will be removed from base in 5.7 in favor of nsd(8) (authoritative DNS) and unbound(8) (recursive resolver). Packages will exist for BIND”

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          I’m sure a Google search will tell you a lot more than I can, but the gist of it is that running an authoritative and recursive name server in the same service has gone out of vogue, and nsd and unbound are considered more secure and more auditable than BIND. They’re fairly performant, as well.

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          Seeing inetd in the notes (identd no longer using it) makes me wonder what, in general, still requires it. talk and finger?

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            Pretty much. It was turned off by default a couple releases back.

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          Can someone in the know link to an article that compares opensmptd and sendmail? I know sendmail is much older, but I can’t find any resources comparing the two directly.