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      Scaleway is a subsidy of Online, which in turn is part of Iliad Group, which also owns Free, but was most recently known within the US for making a bid for T-Mobile US.

      I’ve been an Online customer for over a year, their offers are great. I’ve even received a funny T-Shirt and some stickers from them recently.

      They’re based in Paris, and so are their datacentres.

      However, back to Scaleway — as per discussion in another thread over here at Lobsters, the normal dedicated offers at the likes of Online itself (plus all the others) are so competitive that, frankly, price-wise at high volume, all of these clouds are more adequately priced for a proof-of-concept deployments than steady operation.

      Also a discussion on Hacker News.

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        That 15 Eur/mo dedicated box at Online indeed looks tasty, if I ever get sick of my Kimsufi I’ll try that out. Thanks for linking it!

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      I am using this as an ARM porting box, and for that purpose, it works great.

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        That seems like a good use for them. From a pure processing perspective, it just doesn’t seem like they are even a good value and the shared SSD backend is nice, but far from unique. Bandwidth seems like a good value… seed boxes?

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      If people are interested in ARM development, DataCentred in the UK have virtualised AArch64 instances available on their OpenStack public cloud: http://www.datacentred.co.uk/datacentred-world-first-openstack-public-cloud-on-64-bit-arm-servers/

      Full disclosure: I work for DataCentred.

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        Is is possible to get free/cheap access for Open Source projects? I’d be interested.

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          Yup, absolutely. Shoot me a message with some details.