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    “In addition, Pytorch is quickly developing popularity amongst top AI researchers. Torch users, although nursing RSI injuries from writing Lua code to perform simple string operations, simply aren’t deserting in droves to Tensorflow – they are switching to Pytorch.”

    Needs citation.

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      I don’t know anything about the second, but I can confirm that PyTorch is quickly developing popularity within the AI research community, especially in NLP.

      source: I work at an AI research institute

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        I can also confirm. I’m a grad student studying ML and my group is switching to PyTorch. Plus, I’m recommending it to people I meet, something I didn’t do with Tensorflow.

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        Here’s a citation. The CAT bytecode operation and table.concat are JIT compiled in LuaJIT 2.1, which is the version Torch uses by default.

        So, either these people are using a 2+ year old version of LuaJIT, or their code is bad.

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        Interesting article, especially as someone just getting into ML/NN.