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    It really is ridiculous. I tried playing CS:GO recently, and quit very soon because people don’t even try and hide cheats anymore. Literally every game I played, someone with blatant hacks would connect, ruin the game, then leave. The in game report button seems totally ineffective too.

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      Servers with active admins are the only way to play anymore.

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        Yeah, though if that many people blatantly hack, the number using subtle hacks that even a server admin can’t prove is probably much higher. It really puts a doubt in your mind that ruins all the enjoyment.

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          Server admins don’t have to prove anything. if you have to many red flags like a new account with one game, no friends, and some kind of meme based name and you talk trash about your good K/D. BAN. That problem is solved on that server or the servers that use that federated ban list. It’s a better system than VAC and with a couple good admins is better than any computer based system. If you smell smoke there’s fire. After some experience you can even eyeball players that passively cheat, only to avoid direct contact with players.

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      This is why people have started federated ban lists. http://tuggerhosting.com/ban

      The “Federated Arbitrary Game Ban-List” in particular.. There are currently 2 forks.

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        Valve gets money from people who cheat. People have 10+ accounts with CS:GO so they can switch around when they get caught and banned. Every account has to buy its own CS:GO license so that’s more money for Valve. Although it’s probably very small in the grand scheme of things the existence of a cat-n-mouse game encourages multi-accounting because there’s a small window of opportunity for cheaters to benefit before they are caught. If the anti-cheat system is too good, nobody would cheat and therefore nobody would have multiple accounts for cheating purpose because they would get banned too quickly for it to be worthwhile.

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          On the other hand, Valve loses money from people who won’t buy the game (or quit and stop buying hats) because of cheaters.

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            That’s a pretty baseless conspiracy theory.

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            The example is quite misleading. You cannot just change your health and ammo in counter-strike values as those are handled on the server side.

            I doubt you can do that in assault cube if you run the server on a different machine…