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      These meetings are always at a bit unusual times for me so I have a hard time joining them live, but watching through the recordings afterwards has been nice. As with so many things doing stuff with other people really does make it harder to bail on it, and even if the information density is low, itโ€™s still a nice way to reinforce emacs knowledge IMO

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      Have always been interested in trying to get past beginner. Will have to check out the recordings to catch up. Any incentives on the book purchase for the book club attendees?

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        The recordings are available for 7 days only. This is long enough to allow participants who have missed a particular meetup to watch it later but not so long that it undermines the hard work and copyright of the author. Therefore the attendees who want to revisit the concepts might want to purchase the book.

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          Ah ๐Ÿ˜•