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I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the technical details of this article, but I found it an entertainingly written review and historical overview.


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    If you want up to date packages for OS X Tiger (PowerPC), there’s a small subset of pkgsrc packages here. Currently from the 2017Q3 branch.

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      There’s a homebrew fork for 10.4 and 10.5 that works well, as well, though (a) getting your hands on the needed (ancient) XCode package is nontrivial (apologies, I don’t remember the exact steps I went through to get it on mine) and (b) compilation is painfully slow. You thought installing Gentoo on your Raspberry Pi was bad…

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        this is a compiled packages repo.

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      G5s are available on the used market for almost nothing

      The quad core models are expensive :(

      BTW, there’s a lot of nice G5 videos on YouTube… Ubuntu-MATE running on a Quad is pretty impressive. Of course the Quad is even better when all the hardware is upgraded. Windows in Virtual PC is possible but not very fast. And if you get tired of PowerPC, you can convert the case to ATX.

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        That was a good article. I have a 1GHz or so PPC laptop I got for $80. It actually ran Youtube to my surprise. Barely! Haha. Aside from basic features for $80, I thought they might be useful as a POWER-architecture, development machine if one puts Linux on them. I’d have already been porting stuff to one if I was one of those people dreaming of a Raptor Talos 2 workstation replacing my desktop.