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    I haven’t fully read the report yet, but part of the opening paragraph describes that the NSA treats visitors to Linux Journal, which I do with great frequency, as part of an extremist network? It’s just a Linux magazine! I’m sure your own people use the magazine to learn about Linux, too, NSA!

    …a popular internet journal for Linux operating system users called “the Linux Journal - the Original Magazine of the Linux Community”, and calls it an “extremist forum”.

    I’m just baffled and confused how it got that label.

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        The reporting is not ‘bad’, it’s accurate: TAILS is specifically described as software advocated by extremists, the implication (since the comment is offered as a justification for surveillance) being that those who advocate use of TAILS (e.g., Linux Journal) are extremists.

        In any case, quibbling about the wording in the comments misses the point: that the NSA tracks Linux journal readers on the grounds that they are likely to be extremists.

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      $TAILS_terms=word('tails' or 'Amnesiac Incognito Live System') and \
          word('linux' or ' USB ' or ' CD ' or 'secure desktop' or ' IRC ' or 'truecrypt' or ' tor ');
      fingerprint('documents/comsec/tails_doc') or web_search($TAILS_terms) or [...]

      That seems very broad. A web search for “tails cd” is enough to trigger this fingerprint. I guess only terrorists like Lisa Loeb CDs.

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        Given past disclosures, do we really think ‘very broad’ is a downside to the NSA?

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        I want to meet the person who implemented this. Not to berate them, but just because this seems like a really boring job. When I got to the point where they were looking for bridge nodes, I started thinking about the project manaent aspects of this. Some guy making a list of every fingerprint they need, some guy tapping away turning it into code. Are they agile or so they use waterfall?

        Even if you’re a true believer and we’ve got to stop the terrorists, this is a pretty sucky job.

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