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      I’m less interested in immediate feedback to the query I’m writing. I’d rather have a tool that helps me write the cryptic dsl, like a symantic editor or something with suggestions. Maybe like those regex editors online

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        this is fair; figuring out jq queries definitely takes some trial and error.

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        I get that. For me, it’s all about visualising the input data and what’s produced with what I express in the jq filter. The shape of the data and how it morphs is a key part of my understanding of jq and the data itself.

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      I am a fan of ijq and use it a lot. But I’m always happy to see alternatives, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Apart from the layout (input at the top instead of the bottom), the main difference I’ve found so far is in the composition; with ijq, every character change causes a re-execution, which has its pros and cons, but with jqp one must send the line, when ready, with Enter. It’s early days for jqp (it’s at its first release of 0.1.0 right now) and I would for example love to see more pass-through parameters, so I could specify jq parameters on invoking jqp. Overall though, a 👍 from me.

      Edit: oh, and and some bonus points for making an arm64 build available (so I can use it in my devcontainer I run on my Pi).