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    Neat way to present Caddy…but Sourcegraph itself looks pretty interesting. Does anyone have any experience with it to share? It looks like a great way to document and navigate a codebase.

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      Sourcegrapher here.

      It looks like a great way to document and navigate a codebase.

      Yeah, some of our customers use Notebooks for onboarding new hires.

      Before I joined I used it to monitor code containing the name of the CNCF project I was maintaining at the time. Since joining I’ve been using it for batch changes (https://about.sourcegraph.com/blog/batch-changes-ospo) and other tasks. If you have any other questions let me know her or our Discord.

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      This is tangential, but does anyone know of a key combination to switch between light and dark modes on websites that don’t (seemingly at least) have a dedicated button on the site? I know I can open the developer tools in Firefox, the browser I’m using, and click on “Toggle light/dark color scheme simulation for the page”, but I would like to spare myself the extra effort of opening the developer tools, plus the change doesn’t persist for me after closing the developer tools.

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        If you are okay with using an extension, DarkReader can do that for you. You can configure it to a decent extent.

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          Yeah, I would avoid that if at all possible, but still thanks for suggesting!

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          I agree. There should be a way to toggle this. Sending feedback to the team. https://twitter.com/towernter/status/1520008552429010944

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            I added a dark-mode setting to vimb, thinking big browsers already must have it. But it seems they actually don’t. 🤔

            My current browser already had it.