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    I do like the juxtaposition between what an incredibly good idea this is and what an incredibly silly name it has. Oh well. It’s not actively offensive, at least. ♥

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      why thank you

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      A while ago I was looking for a tool to benchmark a project across commits and draw pretty graphs (like in this article) and it seemed like (a) almost nobody does this and (b) those who do seem to mostly roll their own tools.

      There are a handful of more general-purpose implementations, but the nicest I came across was Airspeed Velocity. As the name implies, it was originally built for Python, but interestingly it allows plugins to manage the execution environment; this is meant to allow users to choose between virtualenv or anaconda, but I hijacked it to use Nix. This makes it essentially language-agnostic: the benchmarks are still written as Python scripts, but since they’re run in arbitrary environment (defined by Nix), we can just call out to a subprocess (written in whatever language, with whatever dependencies) to do the actual work. So far I’ve used it to benchmark projects written in Racket and Haskell :)