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      I’m curious which pinephone systems were tried. Lists OSs, but if they were all running phosh the UX would be pretty similar. Though it seems like the pinephone having performance issues and the librem5 being heavy were bigger factors than the software.

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      I understand this. I use Phosh on Pinephone as my daily driver, but I cannot yet make an unqualified recommendation for it.

      What I can say is that if you’re willing to accept a reduced featureset and polish, a Linux-based OS for phones is doable today.

      I also have a mainstream mobile phone which I use for workflows not yet supported on Linux-based phone OSs, such as navigation and banking.

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        Is banking not possible in the browser?

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          My bank offers mobile deposits of paper checks with an android app, but afaik the bank website doesn’t provide mobile deposits.

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            Ah fair point. A rare but useful need for me.

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      When you install a Google or Apple phone, it requires you to log in.

      Correct me if I’m wrong about newer versions of Android, but I’ve never logged in to my Android phone (running v8.0) and it works perfectly well.

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        I’ve also managed to do without a Google account on a newish Android phone. Installing F-Droid followed by Aurora store has allowed me to get any app I care about. I don’t think Apple require it either but you’d be stuck as far as installing any apps goes. I keep detailed notes for replicating my setup and as suggested in the post, nextcloud works for calendar/contacts.

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          That what I’ve done (F-Droid plus Aurora) as I can’t unlock the bootloader on my phone. I’ve debloated it as much as possible and locked down all the Gapps, too.