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    The headline is click-baity (but one I still agree with), since Jeff’s message that clarifies his stance is later on in the post:

    Computers, courtesy of smartphones, are now such a pervasive part of average life for average people that there is no longer any such thing as “computer security”. There is only security. In other words, these are normal security practices everyone should be familiar with. Not just computer geeks. Not just political activists and politicians. Not just journalists and nonprofits.

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      I thought it was echoing something a lot of us are saying where the devices are so ridiculously insecure with so much attack surface that computer security doesn’t exist. Then, one must avoid them for secrets or high-integrity activities wherever possible while operating in a mindset that what’s left is already compromised on some level. Then I read the article, it was about something else entirely, thought the title sucked, and moved on.

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        It would be a far more interesting article if it was about designing to avoid footguns. Unfortunately, wasn’t the case :-(

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      Users are your weakest link, news at 11.