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    The common meta-version of this is knowing that facts don’t change minds (sometimes quite the opposite) yet continuing to act as if the right strategy to change people’s minds is to give them better access to facts.

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      The fact that both we and it survive, Mercier and Sperber argue, proves that it must have some adaptive function, and that function, they maintain, is related to our “hypersociability.”

      Mercier and Sperber prefer the term “myside bias.”

      It worries me intensely that in the liberal left wing reaction to Trump, there is strong indications of this “myside bias” being displayed.

      I’m probably way left of / more multi-culturally inclined compared to the average American, so Trump makes my skin crawl.

      But that said, the media / social media reaction to Trump makes me cringe because of the extremely strong irrational “myside bias” being displayed.

      For more by Dan Sperber…


      Of course, as should be mentioned on every story on these lines…


      A community devoted to the noble and slightly quixotic cause on human rationality.

      Although I would caution that people often confuse “Rationality” with “Maintaining the Status Quo”.