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    According to the Picat developers, SETL was the first language with list comprehensions. Neat!

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      I have fond memories of looking at SETL when I wrote my thesis, but didn’t know about the list comprehension thing. That’s cool! The only language I know of that uses sets in a similar way before SETL is MADCAP, described in Sammet’s book. Kinda sad I didn’t notice this back in my grad school days.

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      Many of the old links for the SETL family of implementations are broken. I’m attempting to collect and preserve as much of the history of the project as I can. Here is the source code to SETL2, SETL-2, and ISETL. Still to come: the original SETL, and documents such as the SETL Newsletter series. If you have information, I’d love to hear from you.

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        Unfortunately I don’t have any of these. It seems the Internet Archive has some documents hosted. Wish I had more to offer than that :/