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    It’s “Haiku”, not “Haiku OS.” Common mistake, though. :)

    As always, feel free to shoot any questions / comments / rants my way. I wasn’t too heavily involved with the LibreOffice port in specific, but I’m one of the administrators of HaikuPorts as well as being a core developer, so if I don’t know the answer already, I’ll know where to find it.

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      Given the Haiku website is haiku-os.org it seems like a self-perpetuating mistake.

      EDIT: Yes, I read the FAQ and saw this in there.

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        Yes, it kind of is. haiku.org is (was?) owned by a squatter who wanted some exorbitant amount of money (like, five or six figures I think), so we’ve been unable to acquire it. And nobody was smart enough to grab haiku.io or something like that. Oh well.

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      Reminds me I should try to finish the Mono port and figure out what the heck was wrong with it. (Basically, it would run fine until you hit a bunch of different runtime termination issues….) I’m wondering if I was actually hitting bugs in Haiku….

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        It’s possible. If you have some stack traces, I might be able to give some sort of tips as to how you might determine that (or perhaps I’ll recognize them as some outstanding issue.)

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          Yeah, next time I will, I’ll try to bug you on #haiku about it ;)