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Some of you may have seen Helmspoint on the “What are you going to do this week?” threads. But after 3 months, I’ve finally launched. There were points where I didn’t want to work at it in the middle, but was able to pull through, partially because I had threads like “WAYGTDTW?” that gave me smaller milestones. Thanks Crustaceans.

It’s pretty simple. After you’ve trained your machine learning model in Keras, you save it to file, and upload it to Helmspoint. It’ll generate the web app, provision servers, setup a subdomain, etc., so you can focus on model experimentation, rather than messing around with servers.

Things I’ll be improving next (I had to start somewhere):

  • I’m starting with image recognition models, but will expand to other model types in the future.
  • Same goes with targeting Keras, as I’m planning on targeting other frameworks.
  • Right now the limit for model files is 250MB, but will be increasing the ceiling, as I found out some models are just huge.
  • A better page builder. Right now, it’s just a template.