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    Really cool! Reminds me of my days in hospital IT, doctors would talk to their pc with dragon naturally speaking all the time, special medical dictionary, even during surgeries.

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      Thanks for sharing. I found the eye tracking very cool. I’ve always dreamed of that! Maybe in a couple of years it will be so accurate that an intermediate zoom-in step won’t be necessary.

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        so I’ve used ETs for some of my desktop:ing for a bit over a year. The tech isn’t, and won’t be, accurate enough for the pointing you want ‘as a raw input device’, outside of VR that is, and it is quite latent as well. There is good reason why you don’t visible warp the mouse cursor or draw a normal ‘cursor’ at the gaze point, as the motion itself causes you to shift your gaze and so on. It is a weird kind of mental strain chasing the thing around.

        Sit still and stay at the calibrated position and somewhat close to the screen and you get perhaps 2.5cm^2 of possible ‘area’. It is quite great as a supportive input device though. There might be some more tricks that can bring it down, but the company mentioned has some of the worst drivers and software imaginable, starting with DRM crap to reduce precision and shrink-wrap license about what you do with the input data.

        A few good tricks:

        • hidden cursor warp to gaze when mouse cursor returns from being hidden, warp to the last gazepoint. It is a bit creepy for a while but then it becomes quite natural that the cursor already is where you imagine it to be - no wiggling it around.
        • “input focus follows gaze” for tiling window management in particular this is awesome, you have neat discreet regions, just look and type.
        • “shoulder-surfing safe password entry” use a reference group photo, look at faces in sequence.
        • “stare regions” having some screen dead-space (corners) trigger overlay HUDs/buttongrid by staring.
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        I have seen similar setups where the user configured nonsense syllables as words to speed up their dictation as well.

        EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SkdfdXWYaI is what I was thinking of.