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The actual code is in these directories: http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Distributions/Research/

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    The contents of /etc/motd on the v8 unix code as released here are great:

    Welcome to Eighth Edition Unix.   You may be sure that it
    is suitably protected by ironclad licences, contractual agreements,
    living wills, and trade secret laws of every sort.  A trolley car is
    certain to grow in your stomach if you violate the conditions
    under which you got this tape.  Consult your lawyer in case of any doubt.
    If doubt persists, consult our lawyers.
    Please commit this message to memory.  If this is a hardcopy terminal,
    tear off the paper and affix it to your machine.  Otherwise
    take a photo of your screen.  Then delete /etc/motd.
    Thank you for choosing Eighth Edition Unix.  Have a nice day.
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        There’s a lot of stuff in these versions that would eventually become parts of Plan 9. mux eventually evolved into the windowing system, and I’m pretty sure /proc and sam appeared as well.

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          /proc on v10 and Plan 9 are different, both in scope and implementation. Sam, rc, upas, and faces are direct descendants though.

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          Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. (“ALU-USA”), on behalf of itself and Nokia Bell Laboratories agrees, to the extent of its ability to do so, that it will not assert its copyright rights with respect to any non-commercial copying, distribution, performance, display or creation of derivative works of Research Unix®1 Editions 8, 9, and 10. The foregoing does not […] grant any rights for commercial purposes.

          I wonder if there’s any commercial market for old Unix versions these days, or if they’re just worried there might be and they’re leaving the door open.

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            Definitely. There’s companies still running PDP’s. At least one still uses Xenix. A bunch use SCO OpenServer, the legal heir to UNIX name. Big in inventory systems. I have no idea what value of this is, though. My just be a reflex from legal department.

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              Though who ran post-7 AT&T Unix and didn’t migrate to Plan 9?

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                I don’t know if any did. I’m saying enough ran worse or obsolete stuff that someone might be running it, too.

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            treasure troves of C UB.