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I helped my friends at Conservancy launch this for their supporter drive. Conservancy hosts a lot of important FOSS programs I use (git, godot, inkscape, etc) annd does lots of great work so I’m happy to help do something to assist in their fundraising campaign. Since I like doing ascii art, why not?

The postcard is also software you can run! It’s a racket program!


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    Is there a dial-up version for those who love modem music? :-)

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      Haha, great idea, but I’ll have to leave that to the community to provide… the source is linked above! ;)

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      “Racket virtual machine has run out of memory; aborting Connection closed by foreign host.”

      I don’t want to overload the host and will try back later.

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        Basically the program was launched in a rush due to time constraints. The Right Thing would be to launch a daemon that manages the sockets, but what actually happened was that one process was launched per telnet connection… that piles up memory-wise, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll have time to fix it but there’s not much time with the holidaze, especially this was mostly a “fun bonus” for donors.

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          I think it’s really cool. I got it running yesterday evening and left it running for a few hours. Sorry about that.

          Thanks for creating it. Is the source somewhere to see and play with?

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            Yes, it’s here: https://gitlab.com/dustyweb/conservancy-postcard

            I think you’ll need to install Racket and then the following:

            raco pkg install goblins lux raart pk

            Not sure if there are other dependencies needed.