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    Interesting approach, definitely became my favourite one for this kind of projects.

    Having a CLI tool for setting this up on a dedicated server would be incredible! New project idea, I guess :D

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      Make sure you configure your R/W NFS server correctly!

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        I’m netbooting an Orange Pi PC, a ROCK64 and a ROCKPro64 — these have U-Boot flashed onto an SPI flash chip. (In the Orange’s case, it’s on a separate board hanging like this :D)

        The RPi3 can boot with nothing, directly from ROM to network, but… it’s extremely unreliable. It only starts making any TFTP requests after several resets. Putting newer firmware files onto the SD card somewhat improves the situation, but because that means having an SD card already, I put U-Boot onto it too — works every time.

        BTW, setting up DHCP and TFTP to be on separate servers is… fun :)