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Internet Archive link, as LinuxJournal’s closure is imminent.

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    I damaged my ankle and discovered that although there is such a thing as minor surgery on the medical level, there is no such thing as “minor surgery” on the financial level.[1]

    [1] unstated: “in the USA”

    I’m sorry ESR has medical and financial issues, so I’ll refrain from digging around his copious output for arguments against the ACA. I’m not even sure he ever was against it, but considering his other states political positions, I’m pretty sure he was.

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      Should’ve invested that VA Linux money better, eh?

      The problem is a real one; but the issue to me seems one of free software people grievously under-pricing themselves.

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        What he describes is people willing to work for nothing in consumer and capitalist environments that use their work for fun and profit giving nothing in return. Developers that want more in return should simply stop working for free on such projects.

        The gaping holes and threats to ecommerce ESR mentions might even be the solution: they only spend money when forced to by catastrophes. Let them reap what they’ve sown.

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          …and surely the author imagines being one of those load-bearing internet people. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I admire ESR’s ability to self-promote into being considered relevant.