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    It is a terminal. You probably think that word means “a GUI window that runs a command line shell in it”. You think this thing must be a computer because it looks like what computers used to look like.

    I think jwz has been spending too much time around the young people at his nightclub.

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      Ah, it’s all part of Grandpa Zawinski’s…charm? Let’s go with charm. :)

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        It’s all the Emacs in the water at casa jwz… He should be Ctrl'ing his intake and also cleaning his drinking glasses with vim.

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          Yes, but did he brush his teeth with Vim?

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      Slightly off-topic: There is a pretty awesome app on the Mac App Store called Cathode that tries to emulation old displays that look like this: http://www.secretgeometry.com/apps/cathode/

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        The problem is that it looks much more like an old display, instead of how an old display used to look.

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          Yeah, the curvature is heavily exaggerated, for example.

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          There’s also the XScreensaver Phosphor screensaver, which can also be used as a terminal.

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            BTW, jwz mentioned Phosphor (and his love for Cathode) in a previous blog post.

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              And jwz wrote XScreensaver too.

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                I think everybody knows that :) And some silly text editor fork and a little-known web browser too… And don’t forget xdaliclock!

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                  Heh, I actually forgot jwz wrote XScreensaver :P

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            Awesome. I love serial terminals - my first experience of using a real computer was sitting at a DEC VT320. I still have an IBM 3151 at home (thanks to @mwest!) with a lovely mechanical keyboard, but it’s not in use at the moment :(

            PS: cmatrix is awesome.

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              PS: cmatrix is awesome.

              On the cmatrix site:

              I have seen it [The Matrix] twice, and I’m pondering seeing it again before it comes out on VHS

              How about that for some nostalgia. Also dang that’s some old content.