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    What are we looking at, and why does it just result in a white screen after a couple seconds? Also, why is there a muted speaker in the top right that doesn’t make any sound when I toggle it? O_o

    I’m lost y’all.

    EDIT: Apparently the author didn’t see the trending post today about “Are you writing a Chrome application or a web application?” because this doesn’t work in Safari or Firefox. Funny enough, it says “Warning: This may not work on mobile” - but only on Firefox. So, most mobile users won’t even see the warning which is specifically directed to them. The music is chill, though :D

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      I was about to also say something like this

      But then I tried again and it seemed to work. I think the videos are just loading a bit slowly

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        Thanks! Indeed, it seemed to work for me on the 2nd try.

        edit: On desktop I’m also getting missing videos (i.e. white screens). Even more than on mobile. Don’t know if it’s worse connection, or something else. (Had only one somewhat successful video fragment over ~5+ refreshes.) edit 2: Also white screens on Chrome, so probably connectivity. Maybe some preload before showing “click me” would be advisable?

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          Oh, that could be it… Internet here can be pretty slow.

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          Works for me on firefox.

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            My experience appears to be the opposite of yours - It ran just fine on Firefox Nightly on mobile.

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              Well, maybe nightly is different. :)

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              I definitely tested this on Firefox and Chrome. I don’t care about Safari because you shouldn’t use a propreitary web browser.

              The other main issue, aside from mobile, is having sufficient bandwidth to preload the videos in time to display them.

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                I definitely tested this on […] Chrome. […] you shouldn’t use a proprietary web browser.

                Chromium isn’t quite the same thing…

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                  Meh, it’s close enough for browser testing. I tested on Chromium, for the record, not Chrome.

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                  If “you shouldn’t use a proprietary web browser” then why test in Chrome? No videos showed up when I saw it… That’’s weird :)

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                    I tested it in Chromium. The renderer is not meaningfully different from Chrome’s.

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                Given what it is, Uniqlock holds a pretty important place in my heart. Beyond just being the place where I discovered Fantastic Plastic Machine, the insanely clean aesthetic has stuck with me for a super long time as an ideal.

                Sucks that Uniqlo took down the original, fun to see that someone tried to make it again though

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                  I have no idea what this is. A clock? Can someone enlighten me?

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                    Otaqlock is a fan-made recreation of the now-defunct Uniqlock project. Uniqlock was originally a Flash website designed to advertise Uniqlo clothing.

                    The one good thing about Flash was that authors actually did preloading of assets, like videos.

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                      This site does that too, but the browser fights with me and makes it more difficult than it ought to be.

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                      I’m nostalgic for Toho Clock now, which I presume was based on the original idea.

                      For the curious: both clocks are showcases for music artists doing 60sec arranged clips at *60bpm with a constant timer tick.

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                        I had forgotten Uniqlock until this popped up. Thanks for the memories!

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                          I like the ‘otakulo’ katakana.