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    Suggest removing show tag unless the site is created by the author of the article.

    We want to make sure that that tag is being kept for lobsters’ own work.

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      I’ve been observing this community over the last few months with great interest. http://tilde.club/ seemed very interesting the first time I found it (I wished it had existed when I was limited to using Windows), but it was closed (which of course has it’s benefits too, as this site shows). Nevertheless I consider http://tilde.town/ to be more successful in it’s message and idea.

      It’s kind of a more general, and larger, community like the one around suckless/cat-v/nixers that I found very interesting around a year ago. They have common opinions that go against contemporary trends, forging a community that does stuff and creates stuff. But what makes it even more interesting is how it transcends just one site, while not loosing it’s character. The affinity to the fediverse also delights me.

      Sadly it seems to be kind of a 10%/90% affair when it comes to activity: Just look at http://tilde.town/ as you’ll see most people still have the little more added than the default index.html (examples 1, 2). What I read into this is that although this exists, and people find it interesting, many don’t know what to do with it. Kind of sad… General lack of creativity maybe? But I haven’t seen it from the other side, so maybe they are more active in other ways.

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        Not all people are super creative with their sites; at least for me most of the social activity occurs on the irc net and the mailing lists.

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          I think it’s important to note that many of these pubnix servers are not oriented toward generating a lot of public web content, but rather to intra-system activities. IRC chat, bulletin boards, local gaming, “botany”, grafitti walls, and so on are extremely popular. tilde.town is a lush playground of activity of all sorts, just not a lot of it bleeds out through the web. But that’s also kind of the point. Everyone on a tilde knows how to toss a webpage out there in some form or another. They congregate for the community. The outputs are very different.

          Now, there are other tildes, like my own https://cosmic.voyage (or gopher://cosmic.voyage) which ARE oriented toward a public channel (collaborative storytelling in our case). Our activity is still more robust in IRC with people talking and planning than the output suggests.

          Finally, you touched on federation and that’s some new and exciting territory for the tildeverse. While we do have a round-robin of IRC servers that all federate, there’s also some novel experimentation going on. The circumlunar pubnix servers are rsyncing their local bulletin boards to one another. Cosmic, baud.baby, and circumlunar are experimenting with a low-fi social networking system built on top of fingerd. There’s a lot of playing around of this sort as people push limits and turn their hobby eye toward community building.

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            maybe they are more active in other ways.

            Yes. The community is super active on IRC, 24 hours a day. They also have a local intranet for more private things that users don’t want indexed by google. There are a number of CLI apps that don’t have a web presence, also, such as feels, bbj, botany etc…