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    Pretty good, common-sense advice. As I have aged into proto-greybeard status (44, 24 years in industry) I am more and more convinced that my dad (a cultural anthropologist) was right: the hardest and most interesting problems you’ll encounter in your job are people problems. I’m currently working for Sonatype, which is a company whose products a 30 yr old me would probably have found uninteresting to the point of disqualification, but the people and culture are such a great fit that I have been able to learn how to get excited by problems that I might have dismissed earlier in my working life.

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      As someone who it looking around at other work opportunities now, I found this reassuring. I think it’s important to consider a lot of different factors when looking for a place to work and as the article suggests, an interview can be very enlightening. As I’ve gotten older, asking about the work conditions has become standard fare.

      One thing that is also worth mentioning is that if you start somewhere, you have some control over your happiness as well. A few months after starting at my current position I was not happy with how things were going. I took the time to talk to my manager and within a couple of days I was on a new project. I’ve been enjoying it ever since. (Unfortunately, other circumstances have arisen that are making me look around for a new job, even though I like what I’m doing now.)

      So there’s another thing to consider when looking for a job you won’t hate: is there a reasonable likelihood that you can adjust your situation within the company if things go a little sour?

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        That would suggest joining a large somewhat heterogeneous organization with high internal mobility.

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          In my case I work for IBM, so yes, your characterization is correct. But in general, I don’t think such a situation is required.

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        The vast majority of reviews on Glassdoor appear to be:

        1. Angry ex-employees
        2. HR/Recruiting people trying to counteract the reviews from people in group #1