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    Looks like this frontend was very out of date, targeting Go 1.5.

    There’s a much more maintained Go frontend for LLVM called gollvm: https://go.googlesource.com/gollvm/

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      It contains a full copy of Mark Twain’s novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. It gets really tiring to blacklist this file on my desktop search engine as it otherwise constantly comes up in unrelated searches for words that are by accident in this novel.


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        Test case for a compression library, IIRC.

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          Well, make sense per discussion linked in commit message.

          BTW, there is an official (?) llvm backend made by Go team and which is needed by Google, what was the point to support inside LLVM repo?

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            This move makes sense. It could also potentially make it easier for new Go + LLVM implementations to gain traction.

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              One thing that I like about Go is that it has a specification and multiple implementations. This makes me a little sad, even if it was implementing a much older version.

              I’m starting to do some work in Rust and I feel like it would do well to have a specification. It constantly feels like a moving target, IMHO.

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                That’s part of the reason I like d.