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    The Internet took it, twisted it, and ran with it

    He started the FUD. On https://caddyserver.com/download he straight out lies to his users:

    Caddy binaries are free for personal use, but a commercial license is required for internal company use, commercialized distribution, or other business use.

    Forgot self-produced binaries from the Apache 2.0 licensed source code, have we? How convenient.

    Now compare https://caddyserver.com/pricing with https://www.nginx.com/products/pricing/ and https://www.nginx.com/products/feature-matrix/.

    Nginx has the same commercial version and commercial support of an open source project business model, but it doesn’t try to hide the fact that you can use the free version in commercial settings.

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      I don’t see a point in discussing this any further on lobsters. What’s the point?

      It’s not your open source project. Period.