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    Clearly this snowden blaming has nothing to do with ISIS and everything to do with civil rights here at home. Look, assuming ISIS possesses a couple of not dumb people they can take the raw ingredients (openssl + the internet) and have communication the government probably can’t crack. There is absolutely no legislation that can stop encrypted communication between individuals short of turning off the internet. The cat’s out of the bag.

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      Who’s blaming Snowden? I haven’t seen a single reference to him in all the mainstream media coverage I’ve seen.

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        I’ll try to find some links, but CIA Director Brenner is blaming Snowden for making it more challenging to find terrorists.


        Ahlberg thought the fact that the group changed the program months after Snowden’s revelations provided good circumstantial evidence that the former contractor had had an impact — but he wanted to see how much.

        As it turns out, Recorded Future and Reversing Labs discovered that al-Qaida didn’t just tinker at the edges of its seven-year-old encryption software; it overhauled it. The new programs no longer use much of what’s known as “homebrew,” or homemade algorithms. Instead, al-Qaida has started incorporating more sophisticated open-source code to help disguise its communications.

        “This is as close to proof that you can get that these have changed and improved their communications structure post the Snowden leaks,” Ahlberg said.


        Shortly after Edward Snowden leaked documents about the secret NSA surveillance programs, chat rooms and websites used by like-minded extremists and would-be recruits advised users how to avoid NSA detection, from telling them not to use their real phone numbers to recommending specific online software programs to keep spies from tracking their computers' physical locations.

        House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said there are “changes we can already see being made by the folks who wish to do us harm, and our allies harm.”

        Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, said Tuesday that Snowden “has basically alerted people who are enemies of this country … (like) Al Qaeda, about what techniques we have been using to monitor their activities and foil plots, and compromised those efforts, and it’s very conceivable that people will die as a result.”