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    This struck a chord with me. I’ve spent a large portion of my life pretending I’m going to build something amazing. It comes in waves. Get an idea, imagine how awesome I’ll be when I bring that idea to life, feel accomplished over work I’ve yet to do, weeks and a few feeble attempts later realize I’ll never make that awesome thing and start to feel terrible. Then I come up with another idea. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    It’s not enough to have great ideas. You need to finish them too.

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      That’s why I always recommend people start with small things that they can finish in a week or two, a month at most. It is very satisfying to finish things, no matter how small, and gives you the strength to carry on through the hard times.

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      i’m curating a list of spaces to go to to work on your project today. high quality, low cost space to live and work for a month to make one day today. surround yourself with like-minded people, work in a good environment, minimal risk (other than travel costs and perhaps quitting your job…!). interestingly there are more spaces available than i can get filled.