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    Not sure why the IA link is used; direct link works fine…

    This covers a lot of prior art I noticed a lot of papers on tagged memory ignore - table 1 is in particular a mostly good summary. The glaring omission is, as you would expect me to point out - IBM i and its predecessors.

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      Indeed, it’s a very strange omission.

      Those who found this paper interesting might like my writeup on how IBM i tagging works: https://www.devever.net/~hl/ppcas

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        Nice write up. Thx

        Btw - are there any recent PowerPC boards in the $100 - $200 range for hobbyists?

        The only thing I could imagine is maybe using an old Power Mac G5. But those have issues with their liquid cooling systems.

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          No, and definitely not with the tags extension. The only CPUs that ever supported that are the IBM POWER series.

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            Ah, oh well. Thx

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        Because it was the PDF Google Scholar surfaced. Glad that the publisher put out a free version!