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    Sweet! Was thinking of returning to VS Code for Rust, this just gave me the motivation to finally do it :)

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      I set this up earlier today in nvim. Works well!

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        Any thoughts on the effects of auto-complete on the developer? Eg faster typing, but less familiarity with the language because of reduced memory effort.

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          In my experience it mostly saves the time that I’d usually spend going to the documentation website, finding the type that I need and scrolling through the methods to find the one that I want – I usually remember the “it’s in there somewhere” part but not the name. Autocompletion is a huge timesaver. I don’t feel like it’s a different learning experience, the end result is pretty much the same.

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            For me, ide features are not about time, they are about flow. In an IDE, I am writing a depth first search, in a bare text editor, I am fixing the text of my code to conform to the actual syntax of the language.