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Submitted because it’s pretty cool what we can do with robotics these days.

Speaking of which, no robotics tag? :P


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    don’t watch if you’re a vegetarian.

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      I’m not a vegetarian and this is still awful to watch. Yes this is very cool robotics work but then they’re using robots to slaughter living creatures. The only way to get even more removed from the morally questionable act of slaughtering animals for food is to have them be grown and killed by robots as well. Maybe they do that too…

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        Butcher, not slaughter. The lambs are already dead when they hit this machine.

        Why do you believe it to be a morally questionable act?

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          It’s not necessary and animals can suffer (and in factory farming operations like the ones that would necessitate a facility like this, they pretty unquestionably do).

          Personally, I find environmental arguments against eating meat to be much more compelling, though ethical arguments are certainly coherent.

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            Sounds reasonable. Thanks for the explanation.

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      The hindquarter system at the end is simultaneously very cool and the stuff of nightmares!

      Update: also the stuff of nightmares: having to clean the darn thing.

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        Nah, cleaning is probably a thirty minute job with a pressure washer. :)

        No reason to expect a baaaah-d time. It’d be the goat-to solution. Ewe would hardly have to work at all, basically mutton to worry about.

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          There’s so much to go over though. I’d constantly worry I’d missed something, and the failure mode is awful. Rather than people not being able to comment on a blog, or make an online purchase, you could give lots of people food poisoning.

          Of course, the cleaning may be (at least partly) automated too… that could be another cool video!

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            I thought that it had a lack of cleaning - however the x-ray process would have added benefit that x-rays do kill some bacteria.

            I would also assume that the room is cold - at 5 degrees C bacteria growth is fairly limited.

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          Glad I’m not the only one that found the last bit both super cool and more than a little disconcerting. Something about the speed at which it moves, the precision and the nearly-human-like motions planted it firmly in the uncanny valley. Plus the jigsaw probably didn’t help :P