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    This highjack keeps getting better. I think we need to educate more on the correct version.



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      Oh… wow the fact that uBlock origin’s repository name is basically the same as the scam website doesn’t help matters either.

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        I doesn’t stop there, the same scammer/individual has an adblocker for iOS as well. Have no idea if it’s any good, or if it’s following his other agendas.


        Ed1t: I don’t the necessary knowledge to call this man a scammer, though his actions may suggest it.

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          I would think it would probably be a bit less likely to track you, just because it’s on Apple’s ecosystem.

          I agree with your edit, I probably don’t have the right to call this a scam. Maybe more like taking advantage of the situation?

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      Ouch, capitalizing on name confusion? That’s not very cool. I wish uBlock origin would do a name change that would keep them from being confused with uBlock.

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        The irony of course is that uB origin is the “real” product, while just “uBlock” is the alternative that nearly nobody uses.

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          Wouldn’t the hijacker switch to the new name as well then?

          • uBlock OriginBlckr
          • uBlockBlckr Origin
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            Yeah, but when changing the name uBlock Origin has the chance to also claim all other alternative names as well.

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            I would not be surprised if that were to happen, now that the highjacker has ramped up his game. Bad losing such revered name.