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This (a real quine of a story, I tell ya!) is about a comment upon a story about whether stories which are comments are allowed on Lobste.rs, in the spirit, if not the letter of the law as interpretable by anyone with the ability to open a browser at https://lobste.rs/about

This comment, which is story A, referring to a story B about whether comments are allowed, refers, in a comment to that story (B), to a discussion between Hacker News participants regarding whether we can discuss an article about Ted O’Reilly, a TED talk titan, being civil yet rude to Evgeny Morozov, a myopic yet fascinating technology critic.

However, since a discussion of the comments was precluded by the impossibility of discussing them due to the ambiguities in, if not the spirit, than in the letter of the laws around here, Gerikson helpfully recommended summarizing the comments to story B, in his comment, which is, obviously, story A. I have, in this story, story C, performed the recommended operation, since as jcs once said, “i try not to fix things unless i can do them myself.”

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    It’s Tim O’Reilly, not Bill. That’s someone else entirely.

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      Oops! Editing… THANKS!