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    This might satisfy all the European gamers with fond memories, but you can’t satisfy the True Believers ™ of Amiga in Germany, who still believe it’s a viable platform, 1500$ 68060 accelerator cards are a good idea, and that AmigaOS on PowerPC is rational. (Seriously, the Amiga community is weird.)

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      At Assembly (a few weeks from now in Finland) they are even going so far as to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Amiga by making the oldschool demo category Amiga-only.

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        Those people are nuts, but I respect the commitment to how nuts they are. I occasionally think it’d be fun to get an Amiga up and running, but then rapidly remember that I already have far too much software in my life.

        The truly deranged thing are people who run Linux on their Amiga hardware. I mean. What.

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        The full size version with the floppy drive, while impractical for me (as I have no Amiga disks), looks classy.