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The wild success of testing tools like Jepsen is a wake-up call that we’re approaching systems engineering from a fundamentally bug-prone perspective. Why don’t we find these devastating bugs on our laptops before opening pull requests? Rust’s compiler gives us wonderful guarantees about memory safety, but as soon as we open files or sockets, all hell seems to break loose.

This talk will show you how to apply techniques from the distributed systems and database worlds in a way that maximizes the number of bugs found per cpu cycle, and reduce the amount of bias that we hardcode into our tests.


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    Ha, nice to see that here. By the way, here’s the full playlist for RustFest, which I have run over the last 4 days (there was only 1 talk day):


    For those interested: next RustFest is in September/October.

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      For those interested: next RustFest is in September/October.

      Has the location been decided yet?

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        Rome. We’re currently searching for venues, expect a date announcement in June (or later, depending on how well the venue search goes).

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          It was announced to be Rome at RustFest Paris, not sure if there has been some official announcement on the internet yet.

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            We can’t get much more official: https://twitter.com/RustFest/status/1000403458212671488

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            Thanks all. I’ll keep an eye out for the dates and see if I can schedule a little trip from AU to Italy later in the year.

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          Hey icefall, one thing that would complement this presentation is a page listing every paper and tool in it with links to them.

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            This is a good idea! Here’s a nice sketch that contains most of them and the two that aren’t on there are the ALICE paper and Simple Testing Can Prevent Most Critical Failures. I’ll cut a summary blog post that goes into these when I have a few hours!

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