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    This is an awesome opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about Unix, testing, OO, vim. These videos reward your attention, I learn something every time I rewatch them. At a previous job we’d sit down with lunch, spend 10 minutes watching one, then the next hour unpacking and exploring it.

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      I think he became famous after his WAT video:


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        “Array plus array is…. empty string.”


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        Wanna trade favorite DAS screencasts? Mine are:

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            This is literally how the guy makes a living, so, maybe don’t do that?

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              I took it down.

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                Very considerate of you! :)

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                  Ya I didn’t intend to upset anyone, it was purely a convenience thing.

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                “First, everything is free all week”

                He’s encouraging people to grab his videos by giving everything away for free. All he required was a login which may have monetary value later that timetoplaytypus’s share negates. It’s possible, though, he thinks they can only grab a small amount of videos with some portion of people paying for the rest after deal expires. That’s on top of new, recurring revenue from it on future videos. Maybe this hurts him on at least gap between what he though could be shared and what would be. In that case, he’d have made a gamble that may or may not pay off vs offering a limited number of videos with a clear prohibition on sharing them.

                On ethical side focusing on results, I don’t think there’s a huge difference of someone here sharing his videos all at once in convenient form for free vs him saying grab as many as you want after you log in for free. Given freeloading users vs type and number that would pay him, I don’t think he’d have many losses in that scenario if any at all. The kind of people that would pay him would probably mostly still pay him. Hopefully, no effect.

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                  He’s encouraging people to take a free look at his work and see if they think it would be worth for them to pay for more of it in the future. Shitty people that don’t care about anything else but themselves might interpret this offer as an invitation to take advantage of someone’s work, and even actively undermine this someone’s livelihood. I think these people are at least half of what is wrong with the word and they should all go live in a cave and never interact with anyone else ever again.

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                    I hear you. It’s a sensible perspective. I prefer he keeps getting paid for doing good work, too. I also agree that this should be the norm instead of pervasive parasiting.

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                      I think you see the situation a bit radically.

                      On one hand when someone publishes a free software and people use it for their benefit without any pay then they are shitty? When someone decides to publishing something for free, then the factor that some people may not pay for it must be calculated into that decision.

                      I believe that the ad-supported word is a bigger threat, as makes the feeling that stuff are for free a norm.

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                        Neither of those examples apply. OP is publishing something for free for a LIMITED amount of time, with the very obvious intention of giving people a preview of his product. Free software and free content are very different propositions.

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                          I still think that the possibility had to be factored into this offer, and it likely was. The style and language are still harsher than I think the situation justifies.

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                            Fortunately, I don’t care what you think.

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                              You should reconsider your approach to commenting on lobste.rs.

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                                That is your right to do so.

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                      let’s be real here. the first thing i thought of when i saw this was “can i write a script to download everything before the deadline” and im pretty sure 99% of people here thought something along that line.

                      given the target audience of his screencasts, you kinda have to expect this.

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                        Everybody thinks stupid thoughts, but not everyone acts on it. And since we’re a big part of Gary’s target audience, wouldn’t it be nice, if it turns out he overestimated the amount of dicks among us? By the way, first thing in my head also was “Hmm, can I download it?”, but then I remember the guy has to eat.

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                          The swearing you demonstrate in your comments is disturbing. I hope it will not become the norm in the comments section.

                          I believe you could also communicate your point very well without using words like “shitty people” and “dicks”.

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                      I come to comment on this because I remembered this tweet he posted on the matter, a while ago: https://twitter.com/garybernhardt/status/870721629440983041

                      I’m glad it’s been taken down already, I think its just fair to the author’s work.

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                        I probably should have read the comments before spending 20 minutes writing a scraper.

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                          The HTTP 451 is intentional, no?

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                            Any endpoint on my site that doesn’t exist returns HTTP 451

                            Edit: for example, https://timetoplatypus.com/abc

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                              FWIW it looks like the HTTP response is only a 404. is this because many clients/servers don’t respect 451 yet?

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                                Nah, it’s just a mistake on my part. I’ll get around to fixing it…eventually

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                          I gladly paid a few months of access to DAS last year. The screencasts are very high quality and I learned a lot!